We are 18 days away from a huge birthday celebration! Stay tuned!
I wanted to post a few pictures from the spring, so far. Forgive me for lack of entries. We have survived another round of teething and our first experience with ear infections. We are all getting more sleep once again and EVERYONE is happier! We are having so much fun watching Sam & Claire develop their little personalities and hope that some of these pictures will portray them.

Claire and Sam

 I am totally hooked on garage saling this spring! The following picture was taken after an afternoon of sales with Grandma H. Some great finds this spring were a stage 2 car seat, a small child’s chair, a plastic toy chest, toys, clothes, and more! 

Out cold




 Sam & Willie have a very interesting relationship.

More Trouble


 These balloons have given them HOURS of entertainment. Sam is rolling around on his as I type!

Claire Bear

Play'n "on the farm"

Tubby Time

Easter Sunday

 We had a fun trip to John Ball Zoo the week of Spring break with Auntie Karla, Haley & Josh. I was amazed to watch them soak in all the surroundings!

The Bears at John Ball Zoo

 Richard & I have always enjoyed hiking and we have had the opportunity to strap the kids on  and go a couple times this spring. It is getting harder because they are getting so big! Our new favorite thing is Geo-Caching. We have found 4 different ones in Pigeon Creek so far.  It will be really neat when Sam & Claire can be  more involved in the search!

Hiking at Pigeon Creek

 The following picture was taken last summer when we were still living in Grandville. Mom & Aunt Carol wheeled Great Grandma Grasman over from Brook Crest a couple times to visit the twins and that will be a special memory always. Grandma passed away on April 23 from Alzhiemers Disease. We are celebrating her home-going.

In Loving Memory

 As some of you may have heard, we bought a house!!!! It has been a stressful couple of months figuring out the Lord’s plans for us but he brought us to a beautiful brand new home in Hudsonville. We are currently putting a few finishing touches on the landscaping and are eagerly anticipating our move in a couple weeks. I will post pictures  in my next entry!


The kiddos are 9 months old, and what better way to celebrate than to make them sit for photos! The product of a half hour, a  lot of sweat, a little feather duster, and some major team work:

We also had their 9 month check-up at the doctor. Claire is 19.5 lbs and Sam is 16lbs. Claire also has about a inch and a half on Sam…Richard wants to slip some steroids in Sam’s bottle, but I’m sure he’ll grow up just fine on his own. They have both been relatively healthy so far, but the doctor gave us a perscription for numbing ear drops for if/when we get to deal with ear infections. They are also getting pretty good with sitting up and playing together until Sam starts pulling on Claire’s hair because she stole one of his toys. Sam is almost crawling. He can get up and move an inch or two, but then just gets frustrated and buries his head into the carpet. They are also getting a bit more vocal. Claire likes to blow kisses (to people she knows) and they are both enjoying screaming at the top of their lungs…for no reason…non-stop…at all hours (sorry Mom an Dad). They are also starting in with the “Ma Ma”. I have a feeling this will be what’s in store for me…only times 2. Oh dear…

Now that I think about it, I better start teaching them how to say “Da Da”.

You are all wondering…….Where have they been? What have they been doing? When will they update this blog? 

Well, we are dealing with the “moment that I have been waiting for…..and I am not sure why”. 

Sam's lower left central incisor


Primary teeth are one of my favorite things! I love when a little child bravely follows me through the halls at my office and uses all their might to climb up into the big chair that moves. Then, usually with coaxing, opens like an alligator to let me look at those perfectly straight, tiny, pearly whites. You would only expect that I would be eagerly anticipating the eruption of Sam & Claire’s. 

Well, I WAS eagerly anticipating. The “fun” started a couple weeks before christmas and we haven’t slept a full night since. I guess I mentioned one to many times the fact that Sam & Claire WERE sleeping 10-12 hours at night and I forgot to “knock on wood”. Things are getting better, but for a few weeks we were up almost every hour with one or the other! Growing teeth is a lot of work. We are exhausted! 

crying & screaming


A Very Merry Christmas

January 19, 2010

I thought you would all enjoy a little glimpse into our first family christmas.
This picture was taken right before Santa nearly dropped Sam right on the hard floor. Mom to the rescue!!! I caught him with a few inches to spare. I think Santa was concerned with whether Josh was going to catch his elf. And, may I ask?….What is Santa doing to my daughter? Haley seemed a bit bothered by it all too, despite her smile, her knuckles were white the entire time!

Christmas time with cousins

We used to think it was tough to get Willie to sit still! We have come to accept that from here on out there is no such thing as a perfect family picture!


Family photo

 If you look carefully, you can see a special someone making Claire smile!

Claire Bear

Super Sam

Great tree, huh?!?!

Showing off the goods!

Brummel family

Hoekzema family

We hope you had a blessed Christmas and that you are enjoying your 2010!

The dynamic duo

November 19, 2009

We are just 3 days away from 6 months old!!! I am not sure why I am allowing Sam & Claire to grow up so quickly before our very eyes! They are becoming very aware of each other now. If one starts crying the other will join right in out of concern. This is stressful and so sweet at the same time! When they play together on the floor I often find them just staring at each other and my heart turns to mush! They reach out and grab each others nose, hand, or ear and poor Claire has been kicked in the face a time or two bringing her to tears.

I am over-joyed that Sam and Claire have each other. I spoke with a mom of 10-year-old twins last night and she reminded me of how special it is that they will always be together. They will always have someone to play with, someone to get on the bus with, someone to share a room with, someone to always depend on, a partner in crime. One of the boys asked her one day if they would ever be in different classrooms and she said only if they wanted that. The other son happened to stay home from school sick the next day and when his twin came home he told his mom he was lonely and didn’t want to ever be in a different classroom. I hope Samuel and Claire have that same relationship.

Enjoy these new pictures of our “Dynamic Duo”!


Stroller Ride'n



Just play'n








Monster Mash

October 26, 2009

Yikes! Click to view…if you dare!

Trick or Treat?

October 22, 2009


The answer is both.


Twins Peapod pictures Oct. 2009 005

Sam & Claire are five months old now and I have no idea where that time went. They are both becoming so aware of their surroundings. There is nothing more pleasing than the smiles we get when we approach their cribs in the morning.

Sam is a very determined boy! For almost two months he has been standing up on our laps and looking back and forth non-stop. If we hold him up on the ground he marches right in place! I am sure that he will be walking well before his first birthday!

Claire isn’t very interested in standing. Her legs still collapse beneath her but she is getting  stronger each day. Papa Hoekzema makes sure she gets her practice in every day and nobody can make her giggle like he can!

The cereal feedings were fun for a few days but we are pretty much sticking to bottles for now. Honestly, it is just way easier! Claire eats like a champ and Sam could take it or leave it. (He can’t seem to focus on eating. Any voice or sound is way more interesting to him. Is he too young for A.D.D?) 

We took advantage of a lovely fall afternoon and snapped a few pictures of Sam & Claire in their Halloween costumes a bit early. Enjoy!

Twins Peapod pictures Oct. 2009 007


Twins Peapod pictures Oct. 2009 013


Twins Peapod pictures Oct. 2009 017


Twins Peapod pictures Oct. 2009 018


Raising twins is a TRICK, but what a TREAT!