Eleven Months and Counting!

May 4, 2010

 We are 18 days away from a huge birthday celebration! Stay tuned!
I wanted to post a few pictures from the spring, so far. Forgive me for lack of entries. We have survived another round of teething and our first experience with ear infections. We are all getting more sleep once again and EVERYONE is happier! We are having so much fun watching Sam & Claire develop their little personalities and hope that some of these pictures will portray them.

Claire and Sam

 I am totally hooked on garage saling this spring! The following picture was taken after an afternoon of sales with Grandma H. Some great finds this spring were a stage 2 car seat, a small child’s chair, a plastic toy chest, toys, clothes, and more! 

Out cold




 Sam & Willie have a very interesting relationship.

More Trouble


 These balloons have given them HOURS of entertainment. Sam is rolling around on his as I type!

Claire Bear

Play'n "on the farm"

Tubby Time

Easter Sunday

 We had a fun trip to John Ball Zoo the week of Spring break with Auntie Karla, Haley & Josh. I was amazed to watch them soak in all the surroundings!

The Bears at John Ball Zoo

 Richard & I have always enjoyed hiking and we have had the opportunity to strap the kids on  and go a couple times this spring. It is getting harder because they are getting so big! Our new favorite thing is Geo-Caching. We have found 4 different ones in Pigeon Creek so far.  It will be really neat when Sam & Claire can be  more involved in the search!

Hiking at Pigeon Creek

 The following picture was taken last summer when we were still living in Grandville. Mom & Aunt Carol wheeled Great Grandma Grasman over from Brook Crest a couple times to visit the twins and that will be a special memory always. Grandma passed away on April 23 from Alzhiemers Disease. We are celebrating her home-going.

In Loving Memory

 As some of you may have heard, we bought a house!!!! It has been a stressful couple of months figuring out the Lord’s plans for us but he brought us to a beautiful brand new home in Hudsonville. We are currently putting a few finishing touches on the landscaping and are eagerly anticipating our move in a couple weeks. I will post pictures  in my next entry!


One Response to “Eleven Months and Counting!”

  1. Jill Koning Says:

    I love your blog…it is sad but it has been forever since I have read anyone’s let alone do my own:) They are getting so big and so cute – it is fun to know what you have been up to! I am really excited to learn more about the new house and what is new with you – we’ll have to get together again!

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